Valentine’s Day is either beloved or dreaded by many. The anxiety of being single and alone, either for the first time, or yet again, can drive us to a desperate desire to be with anyone.

Today, in our digital age, we are all too familiar with dating platforms, such as the infamous Tinder. The attitudes that Tinder endorses and encourages should be stoned and put to death. Any idea that Tinder will lead to anything other than an awful or meaningless hour, or that people can swipe and then see your face all over town, is ridiculous.

Full disclosure: I’ve been on and off Tinder, in the hopes of meeting new people and just for the entertainment. But, I have never met anyone on this platform. With that disclosure in mind, I have found Tinder to provide nothing beyond a way to gain self-confidence and acknowledgement that someone in this world thinks I am attractive (or for the other reason which Tinder is notorious for). The majority reading this who have used Tinder will recognize their experiences as one or both of these categories.

This year, I say we kill Tinder. We all deserve more than a “hey, let’s meet up,” unsolicited pictures or just blowing everyone off (as I know I have). I can promise the story you heard of that one friend who met a guy on Tinder and now they are happily ever after is an anomaly. The majority of people we meet here will not fulfill our need for affection or attention. It’s really just a depressing activity. When I see a picture of a truck (without someone in the photo) or a shirtless bathroom selfie, I immediately ask myself why I optionally endure this personal version of torture.

For Valentine’s Day, you don’t need to get blown off by someone you found on Tinder or disappoint them in reverse. And to note, half the people you would meet on Tinder could also be seen at a local bar, house party or, shockingly enough, even on campus.

It’s college, embrace your single lifestyle and take the time to find your self worth outside of sexual engagements or other people. We don’t need to get caught up in “being alone, yet again.” Own it. It’s one day out of the year, and isn’t really on the par of holidays in comparison to Christmas or Thanksgiving.

But really, take these years to learn and grow within yourself. You don’t need the stress of “finding love” or dysfunctional relationships in college. Kill Tinder today and forever. Appreciate someone having the courage to approach you in person, and learn how to instill that courage yourself. That’s how we will meet people actually worth knowing.

And no, Bumble isn’t any better.