The Associated Students of Montana State University Senate approved Resolution 2018-R-07 on April 12, 2018. The purpose of 2018-R-07 is to support the freedom of the student press at Montana State University as enumerated by their Constitutional rights.


Adopted 12 April 2018

Whereas, In recent years, the freedom of the press as enumerated under the First Amendment has been under attack; and,

Whereas, The Montana State University (MSU) Exponent recently received controversy for a satire article, presenting the question of where The Exponent’s voice can or cannot be limited; and,

Whereas, In this specific case, the article in question, as well as the whole edition of The Exponent, was clearly marked as satire and part of the annual April Fools “Excrement” edition of the paper; and,

Whereas, Satire is a form of protected speech; and,

Whereas, Protected speech cannot be infringed upon by a public entity, which MSU and the Associated Students of MSU (ASMSU) both are; and,

Whereas, ASMSU allocates the MSU Exponent’s funding using the Student Press Fee, which they manage separate from ASMSU in order to maintain their free and independent voice on campus; now, therefore be it

Resolved, That the Associated Students of Montana State University do not agree with infringement of freedom of the press and will not infringe upon the MSU Exponent’s right to govern its own free speech as is seen fit by its editors.

Theodore Grover

Senate Speaker ASMSU