The green grass isn’t the only thing sprouting up across campus after spring break. Recently, colorful and eye-catching yard signs have begun popping up around MSU, promoting different teams of students who are running for the positions of president and vice president of ASMSU.

Not only do these signs endorse select parties, but they also encourage political activism and voting. Only by participating in these elections can your voice be heard. The primary election for this campaign is March 27 and 28,and the general election is April 10 and 11. With these deadlines approaching soon, it’s important to educate yourself about the job of ASMSU, who serves as a member, and why voting in these upcoming elections matters.

ASMSU is defined on as “the student government association serving as the elected voice of the students of MSU in Bozeman.” ASMSU is similar to the United States government in that it is divided into three sections: the Senate branch, the Executive branch and the Judiciary branch.

The Senate branch is composed of 21 MSU students who determine how the student activity fees are administered to 20 programs. These programs are managed by the Executive branch of ASMSU, which consists of a secretary, a business manager, the ASMSU president and the ASMSU vice president. The Judiciary branch is made up of five MSU students. According to the ASMSU website, these Justices serve on the Judicial Council, where they are “responsible for reviewing and interpreting the actions of the Senate,” as well as assessing student appeals and election grievances in accordance to the ASMSU Constitution and Bylaws.

Students who run for a seat on ASMSU put a lot of time and effort into their campaigns. Their campaigning strategies must comply with the ASMSU Elections Policy & Procedures Manual, a six-page document that details and outlines different rules for campaign tactics. Further, those running for the positions of ASMSU president and vice president often construct and distribute lawn signs, create social media platforms and spent time on the Centennial Mall interacting with students and getting to know what those attending MSU truly care about.

The ASMSU Mission Statement states “ASMSU is the voice of the students, dedicated to enhancing the college experience at MSU with leadership and employment opportunities, diverse student-oriented programs and services and responsible fiscal management of student activity fees.” Thus, it is imperative that every student get out and vote. Who is elected to ASMSU is who represents the interests and concerns of all MSU students.

Remember, your voice can only be heard if you vote. Again, the primary election is being held on March 27 and 28, while the general election is scheduled on April 10 and 11. To receive more information, you can visit the ASMSU Office in SUB 221, call 406-994-2933 or visit the ASMSU website at