Helen Copeland Gallery

Art work is displayed on the walls of the Helen Copeland Gallery inside of Haynes Hall.

Did you know that there are art galleries at MSU? Despite the lesser-known galleries that are scattered across campus. There are four on campus: The Dean’s Office Gallery, The Exit Gallery, Waller-Yoblonsky Gallery, and The Helen E. Copeland Gallery. The Dean’s Office Gallery is located in the Dean of the College of Arts and Architecture Office in Cheever Hall. 

The Exit Gallery is located in the SUB next to the SRO Coffee Shop and across from the SUB Ballroom. The Helen E. Copeland Gallery is located in Haynes Hall on the top floor. The Waller-Yoblonsky Gallery is located in the Melvin Graduate Art Studios, which is a bit off campus on West Lincoln Street, and is temporarily closed. These galleries all have amazing exhibitions that rotate throughout the year. Being exposed to more subjects than those that you talk about and are talked to about all day long ad nauseam will help create a more well-rounded person, which seems to be one of the main goals of Montana State University. 

The importance of these locations is to make sure that the art within our community is being seen by those it was made for. Artists primarily create art for other people to see and to enjoy. These galleries on campus help integrate us as students better into the world that we are involved in. Not only does seeing this art connect everyone to each other, it can also help bring students from other majors into the art world. Two of the three galleries on campus are located inside the art buildings, but the Exit Gallery is in the Strand Union Building, in the middle of campus. 

The Exit Gallery is the smallest gallery on campus, but the quality of the work being shown in it is really astounding. The pieces in the gallery range from ceramics and sculptures to paintings and drawings, mostly done by visiting artists and some student work. Not only is student work shown in this gallery, but it is also student run and always has student workers at the desk to answer any questions that you may have during regular gallery hours. The location of this gallery is amazing because students and faculty from all different departments around the university travel through the building and it is near the coffee shop, where a lot of people tend to hang around. 

The Helen E. Copeland Gallery, located on the second floor of Haynes Hall, is the largest space for contemporary art in Bozeman. This gallery focuses on design and more contemporary-style art from all kinds of artists including undergraduate, graduate students, regional, and international exhibitions. This is mostly seen by those who attend classes in Haynes Hall and by those who are made aware about the exhibition, which does not happen as much as it should. The art that is shown in this gallery is beautiful and meaningful. The Helen E. Copeland Gallery is one of the most popular and well-known galleries on campus. 

While the gallery in the Dean’s Office is not technically designated as such, there are art exhibitions set up in the space that rotate throughout the year. Just like in the Helen E. Copeland Gallery, there is an artist statement on the wall when first entered into the office to explain the theme of the exhibit. The art that is in this gallery often takes students by surprise while they are on their way to class since there is virtually not any advertisements for the amazing art that is on display there. However, the small amount of advertising this gallery gets does not seem to take away from the value of it. Students and faculty always seem to be pleasantly surprised to see the beautiful art in the office and it makes them feel as though they are a part of something a bit secret and special. 

The galleries that are on MSU’s campus house some of the finest art in Bozeman and more people need to be made aware of them. The level at which most of this art is created is unbelievable. If you have the chance, go check out some of the galleries scattered across campus.