First-Year Outdoor Orientation Trips

Montana State University incoming freshmen return from their trips and gather at the Hyalite Pavilion in Hyalite Canyon, near Bozeman, Mont., Tuesday, Aug. 21, 2018, after four days of outdoor recreation as part of the ASMSU Outdoor Recreation Program's FOOTsteps: First-Year Outdoor Orientation Trips. MSU Photo by Adrian Sanchez-Gonzalez

 As summer comes to an end and we prepare for brisk, fall afternoons, some may think that Bozeman’s outdoor recreation opportunities are coming to a close. For freshmen and sophomores who are unaware, MSU has an Outdoor Recreation Program (ORP), located on West Lincoln Street, near Yellowstone and Roskie Halls. An important note is that the Outdoor Rec Center is different from just the Rec Center that is now located in the North Dome. The ORP provides students with many different ways to get involved in outdoor activities, such as outdoor clinics, a rental shop and so much more.


Have you ever tried to float down the Madison River with Madison River Tubing on Main Street? Were they too busy and overcrowded for a relaxing floating experience? Most likely, yes. During the summer many people love to float the rivers of Western Montana to enjoy a sense of peacefulness and serenity. However, most people overlook what is available right on campus. The ORP has a rental shop that makes the search for serendipity possible for anyone on campus. Currently, ORP has rafts, kayaks and canoes all available for rent. After Thanksgiving Break, winter gear will also become available. It is important to note that this rental is only available for students, staff, faculty and alumni (alumni must have purchased a membership pass). Community members looking to rent are not able to rent from the ORP at this time. All of the rental shop policies, expectations and prices can be found on the ASMSU Outdoor Recreation website. All reservations will need to be booked through the website as well. 


Interested in the program but not interested in renting any gear? The ASMSU program offers two clinics here on campus. In the fall, the program offers a Bear Safety clinic. This clinic is designed to share important information on how to safely handle bear encounters in the backcountry. Taking part in this clinic offers more than just learning how to handle bears in Bear Country, but also allows for anyone who participates to have free rental of bear safety products for the fall semester. The next Bear Safety clinic will be held on Monday, Sept. 13, at 3:30 p.m. Similarly, in winter, the program offers an avalanche safety clinic. The goal of the avalanche clinic is to help get those interested with some coaching on avalanche safety. Those who participate will also receive free avalanche safety gear for the spring semester. Both of these clinics have no cost, and registration will be conducted online at the ASMSU website,

For anyone interested in updates on the climbing wall, it is closed until further notice. The current plan is to have a temporary climbing wall in the North Dome. However, the wall will likely not be accessible until November. For updates on this project please check the student wellness