Imagine emerging from your tent to the crisp, cold air and colored leaves covering the ground.  A beautiful sunrise greets you on this camping adventure and makes you celebrate how lucky you are to be in the beautiful state of Montana. Bozeman and the surrounding areas give adventurers the opportunity to be more than just one with nature. In Western Montana, there are plenty of amazing dispersed camping areas that are worth the drive. 


Perhaps one of the most talked about dispersed camping spots would be Revenue Flats. Located just outside of Norris, MT, about an hour drive from Bozeman, people can enjoy an indescribable camping experience. The “fishbowl” is one of the most frequented areas in the flats. Rock formations tower over you at this site. While this place is extremely beautiful, during this time of year it is important to note that hunting is a very big part of the season and hunters are busy in the Revenue Flats area. That being said, this is a first come first serve area and, in a very busy season, it may get packed very quickly. 


Goose Bay is also very popular for dispersed camping roughly 90 minutes from Bozeman. This area is relatively quiet during this time of year. Camping here is more open here than places like Revenue flats, with less privacy, but the area should not be counted out. With a waterfront view, a rocky beach and easy water access, this area is perfect for sunsets as they reflect upon the water. A major plus to this dispersed camping site is that there is easy access to picnic areas, toilets, and there is cell service for those who are catching up with family members or want to post their gorgeous views on the ‘gram. 


Dispersed camping is also very popular at Canyon Ferry Reservoir. Similar to Goose Bay, this is about an hour and a half away from Bozeman and is more open than other camping areas. Located right on the waterfront with a rocky beach, this area is also a prime spot for stargazing and glorious sunsets. Canyon Ferry is perfect for fishing and, according to reviews on The Dyrt, in the colder months, people can see ice sheets pile up just alongside the water. Easy access to toilets, phone service and fire rings makes this location a perfect place to camp with family and friends. Alcohol is also allowed on the premises as long as you are of age to indulge. 


For anyone interested in dispersed camping, there are a few things to remember. While all of these locations allow pets, it is vital to clean up after them to preserve the campsites’ natural beauty. During hunting season, it is also a very good idea to make sure you are up to date on hunting information and bring your hunters’ orange to ensure you and your furry friends stay safe. Stay up to date on fire regulations, and clean up after yourselves. Even if it’s not your trash, play your part and keep our Montana wonderlands the amazing places they are. Don’t forget to stay bear aware!