November is here and, depending on the weather, snow may be too. As the cold creeps in, many choose to participate in indoor activities that keep them warm. For some, the opposite is true. What are outdoor activities in Bozeman besides skiing and snowboarding? Is there anything that is kid-friendly and doesn’t cost too much money? 

Sunrise Pack Station is exactly what outdoor fall and winter lovers are looking for. Located on the outskirts of town, about ten minutes from Main St., the public will find horse-drawn hay and sleigh rides available for booking. Hayrides are available until Saturday, Nov. 14, and are offered in either half-hour or hour increments. For those interested in the half-hour visits, tickets cost $12 for adults, $7 for children and $2 for children five and under. This ride takes the group out and back on a designated trail. For only a few dollars more ($15 for adults, $10 for children), guests will take the same route as the half-hour ride with an added bonus. The hour ride includes a stop by a campfire with either hot chocolate or hot apple cider as a tasty treat to enjoy while listening to a fun Thanksgiving story. 

While the hayrides end on Saturday, Nov. 14, those who missed their chance to visit shouldn’t worry. Sunrise Pack Station offers sleigh rides through the snow from Tuesday, Dec. 1, to Saturday, March 13. Similar to the hayrides, both hour and half-hour rides are an option. The  cost of a half hour ride is $15 for adults, $10 for children 13 and under, and $2 for “lap sitters” children 5 and under. For hour rides adults cost $25, children 13 and under $15, and “lap sitters” are $2.The hour ride also offers a pit stop at a campfire and a chance to enjoy hot chocolate while listening to a story about Christmas Eve. When the story ends, the group reboards the sleigh and heads back to finish their journey through the winter wonderland. For children, singing Christmas songs along the way might add some holiday cheer. While the prices for the sleigh rides are a little more expensive, the winter fun is sure to be shared as guests take in the snow, horses and the gorgeous views of the Montana mountains. 

For those who enjoy their time this fall or winter, guests will be thrilled to hear that Sunrise Pack Station offers fishing and horseback trips throughout the summer months with a variety of different options that families and friends can enjoy. 

On the Sunrise Pack Station website,, the public has access to trip booking and frequently asked questions about what to bring on their rides.  Contact information can be found at the top left of their website for any further questions. Keep in mind that, while COVID-19 is still around, there may be additional requirements when booking or attending hay or sleigh rides this year. As always, have fun and be safe this winter season.

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