Player: Bryce Sterk

Year: Senior

Position: Defensive End

Number: 37

Major: Criminology

Hometown: Lynden, WA

What stands out to you about WIU on film?

They have a similar offensive scheme to last year. They have some familiar faces up-front since they returned a lot of their offensive linemen and a new quarterback. I think they have the same running back, so they are a good team. They got off to a rough start, but they are a Missouri Valley Football Conference team, which is a great conference. We’re going to be in their place so it will be a good game.

Their Quarterback by all accounts is not as mobile as the guy last year, what does that make you think in terms of how you might be able to affect him in this game?

It makes it easier to get to him without him being a scrambler or worried about a QB draw. With that being said, he’s really accurate and really good with his throws. I think he’s a little bit better in that regard compared to the last QB, so there’s pros and cons to both guys. I think we should have our hands full with him.

Since he is accurate with his throws, how much more important is it to affect the pocket like that?

Yeah, it’s definitely more important. We saw Colorado State did pretty well considering the fact that you saw his throws get more erratic and he got a little bit frisky in the pocket, so protecting the quarterback will be huge this week as well.  

How different do you feel this year being here a second year compared to last year?

I feel a lot more comfortable. Last year was really the first year I played a lot of college football. You can watch film and practice, but you can’t replicate real life game reps on the sideline. I think with one year under my belt, it really just helped me feel more comfortable playing the game.

Four sacks already this season. You really liking that defensive end spot?

Yeah, it’s working out. Hopefully we can keep the ball rolling and see where we go.


Those four sacks put you ranked third overall in the NCAA. How do you react to that?

I try not to pay attention to those because once you pay attention to them it carries over to the field. In the back of your head it’s like, ‘Oh, if I don't do well in this game, I am going to fall down in the rankings’, so once the year is done we can start paying attention to that. It’s nice to know that, but it's not important right now.

You talked last week about how you think this defensive line and the front 7 could be a special group this year. What makes you say that?

We definitely have a lot of game experience. Chase (Benson) and I played a lot last year. Derek Marks has been so consistent, you know, his whole college career. Amandre is definitely a good addition and our linebacker core, its healthy. I can rely on all of them. They all know their calls. So I think how cohesive we are and how much experience we have is what really leads us to be the best front seven you’ve ever seen.

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