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Hey, batter batter swing. MSU’s club baseball has a lot on its plate this year and the Exponent was able to discuss just how meaningful that is with senior Aiden Prentice, captain of the team. The team, unfortunately, struck out on its first set of games against Boise State on Friday, Sept. 24 - Sunday, Sept. 26. The games against Boise State were the first since COVID-19 regulations changed, and it meant more to the team to be playing ball than quite possibly ever before. “Feels pretty special since we have three or four seniors that haven’t played in a few years and being able to play is a unique experience,” Prentice said. “COVID made it hard to recruit players so it’s nice to see younger guys getting into it too.” 


As Prentice discussed the return to baseball, it was clear that baseball was more than just a sport to him. “I grew up playing baseball and it’s always been something I’ve had a passion for,” he said.“There’s a lot of lessons you can take and apply them to life,” Prentice said baseball requires a competitive mentality for many as it takes skills that apply both in and outside of the ballpark. 


“Our goal is to win the division and make it to regionals, that would be a successful season,” Prentice explained. The first step in building a team for this goal is the tryout process. Typically, the team holds a tryout period in the fall. This year, the team will have no tryout fee to encourage those looking to join to demonstrate their abilities and take a swing at club baseball. Because not everyone is aware of the tryout process, Prentice explained that some people reach out via social media after the process and the team has a policy of not turning down any players. “(The team is) very accommodating,” Prentice said. “We want as many people to commit to our team and the culture we are trying to implement.” This year, the team has made no player cuts to remain as inclusive as possible. 


There are many factors contributing to the team’s success. Prentice made sure to include a major shoutout to the club sports director as part of the reason the team finds such pride in wearing the Bobcat logo. Community support is also a major factor in MSU sports pride. While a lot of funding for the team comes from player fees and fundraising, Prentice included the community donations as amazing contributions to help spread the word for club baseball. “We really appreciate donations, and we often try to do something in return,” he said. While donations are always appreciated, the best way to support the team is to show up. “Spread the word, and come to support us.” 


Currently, there is no set schedule for the team, but anyone interested can find updates on their Facebook page ( For those looking to join, you can contact the team via Facebook or their email which can also be found on their Facebook. Catch you later baseball fans and good luck to the MSU Club baseball team this season. 

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