Kevin Kassis

Number: 85

Position: Receiver

Class: Senior

Major: Business Finance

Hometown: El Dorado, CA

What do you love about the opportunity this week to take down the Griz for a fourth time?

I think it goes down with our class and our legacy. It would be historic for us to do that. We are excited for the opportunity, but we don’t view it as pressure. We’re just excited to go out there and show what we can do.

How do you approach preparation this week?

I’m not going to lie and say this is the same as any other week. We are just excited to go out there. We can't let emotions get the best of us. When you start to think about that stuff, you lose perspective on what's important and what you need to execute on Saturdays to get it done. We are trying to maintain our pose, get out there on Saturday, execute and perform. 

What does this senior class mean to you?

Those are my brothers. I would do anything for those guys. It's been so fun to experience it with this special groups of guys. Coming in here, going through the rebuilding process, and seeing the guys who have stuck around and push through. We were 4-7 with no playoff implications, but now we are in a position where regardless of win or loss, we are in the playoffs. Obviously we want to win this weekend, but regardless it shows how the culture has changed, and it’s been exciting.

Travis Jonsen

Number: 10

Position: Receiver

Class: Senior

Major: Quaternity

Hometown: Fullerton, CA

Having played this game last year, what were your first impressions in terms of intensity, bragging rights, and two old rivals going at it?

When I first got here, everyone hyped up the game, and I was kind of downplaying it, but once I got to Washington Grizzly it was intense. The fans were talking all that mad, a kid was talking some S to me. I could feel the intensity, but once we started playing, all those emotions went away. 

What are the thoughts around the team about keeping the streak alive and the trophy in Bozeman?

I think we aren’t focused on the streak. We are treating this game as if it's the first time. We are going to prepare and play hard, and if we win, we’ll get the prize.


Derek Marks

Number: 95

Position: Defensive Line

Class: Senior

Major: English Teaching

Hometown: Belgrade, MT

Last year’s game was won by the defensive line, taking that into this year, does the defensive tempo have to be dictated by those of you up front?

We say it starts up front and I think everyone’s bought in to that in terms of we are the first guys to affect the play weather run or pass. But we have a lot of confidence in the backend in what they can do. They are playing at a really high level, the DB’s, but it's going to take the whole unit and group in order to affect the game and impact the game. We are going to have to play together and execute the game plan.

Starting off here with Coach Choate, who hasn’t lost a Cat/Griz game, how much would that mean to you winning four in a row?

It would mean a lot, but I’ll wait to answer that. It would really mean a lot. We are going to execute the game plan as well as we can and see what we can do.


Troy Andersen

Number: 15

Position: Linebacker/Running back/Quarterback

Class: Junior

Major: Agricultural Business

Hometown: Dillon, MT

Andersen was unavailable for media this week, but he needs little introduction. Griz fans fear him, and he’s arguably the most dynamic player in college football. Coach Choate mentioned Andersen at his weekly press conference saying, “On the defensive end I don’t think anyones had a bigger impact in league games...the unique nature of his skill set seperates him from other guys...he’s smart, tough and resilient, and he’s the ultimate team guy.”

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