With just three regular season games remaining, the stakes are high for the remainder of the teams looking to make that push to the playoffs.  The “experts” have a pulse on the Big Sky Conference, and we expect some flawless predictions this week. Be on the lookout for the punishment for the “expert” with the worst record this season.


Overall (Last Week)

Against the Spread (ATS)


17-11 (3-1)

13-14 (3-1)


16-12 (3-1)

8-19 (3-1)


13-15 (2-2)

7-20 (0-4)


(12) Montana State (6-3) @ Northern Colorado (2-7) (+11.5) @ 12 p.m. on PlutoTV

Parker: Everyone take a deep breath. The Cats won with ease last week after a three week stretch that included two losses and hundreds of fans who swore to have the answers to our struggles. I hoped, with waning confidence, for a 50 point victory to get the Cats back on track. A 42-0 halftime lead, a renewed diversity on offense, and a swarming defense was exactly what the doctor ordered. The Cats visit conference bottom-dweller Northern Colorado for what could be another clean-up game for the good guys. The Bears have played better at home this year, but this is a must win for the Cats and I expect them to do that.

MSU 45, N. Rado 20


Caleb: After a 42-7 victory last week it appears the Cats are back on track...sort of. Although MSU dominated the first half of the game, they couldn’t find the endzone in the second half. You could say it was safe play calling, but I think SUU’s second half adjustments also helped to stifle the Cats’ offense. This week the Cats take on another team at the bottom of the barrel in the Big Sky Conference in the form of Northern Colorado. The Bears have struggled for some time now and the trend continues this year. The Bears only saving grace is their graduate quarterback Jacob Knipp. In his last 5 games, Knipp has thrown for nearly 300 yards per game. Overall, I believe the Cats are too strong for this Bears team and will pick up another win.

MSU 38, UNC 19


Cameron: Montana State is back on track (maybe) and pushing for a playoff spot as the season finale nears. For the first time this season, the offense mixed up responsibilities and play calling which lead to a 42-0 outburst in the first half against Southern Utah last week. The play calling was so good that even though Super Bowl winning coach Jeff Fisher was helping his son (SUU defensive coordinator) it didn’t matter. I think we will see more of this style of offense as we take on the University of No Chance and we will win big.

MSU 42, UNC 10


(22) North Dakota (5-3) @ (3) Weber State (7-2) (-17) @ 2 p.m on PlutoTV

Parker: Last week, North Dakota was on bye week after beating MSU the week before. Weber State just continues to roll over teams. They are undefeated in conference play and dominated Sac State, who looked to be nearly unstoppable the previous three weeks. I have not been confident this year in Weber State, but the defense has been lights out and the offense has been better each week. I am going to ride the Wildcats in this one.

Weber State 38, UND 20


Caleb: Weber State is coming off of their most impressive win of the season. Last week the Wildcats trounced Sac State and showed that they are a true title contender. Sophomore Josh Davis, 2018 Big Sky Freshman of the Year, has boosted his production the last few weeks, and I expect his strong performances to continue. UND was on the fringes of the playoff conversation until they knocked off MSU a few weeks back. Now, the Fighting Hawks are ranked 22nd in the country and are coming off of a bye. With that being said, I expect Weber to keep on rolling.

Weber State 45, UND 23

Cameron: Number three Weber State is one of the best teams in the country and they proved that last weekend with an impressive win over number six Sac State. Now they play a North Dakota team that has surprised a few top ranked teams already this season. Could this be a sleeper upset game for Weber? Probably not, they are ridiculously good.

Utah’s best football team 35, North Dakota’s best hockey team 21


Sac State (6-3) @ Northern Arizona (4-5) (+14) @ 2 p.m. on PlutoTV

Parker: The big question for this week is if Sac State junior quarterback Kevin Thomson is healthy. He was knocked out of the game against Weber State last week and has been a great field general all season. NAU still has senior quarterback Case Cookus, but the defense has looked more like groundskeepers than Lumberjacks. Sac State will get back in the win column this week.

Sac State 50, NAU 20


Caleb:Last week was a bit of a let down for the Hornets after getting beat by Weber State. Even worse than the loss was the injury to their star quarterback Kevin Thomson. While last Saturday wasn’t great for the Hornets, they are still one of the toughest teams in the country, even without Thomson. The Lumberjacks have been far from stellar. Their offense continues to produce, but their secondary has been weak. Their defense is last in the league in points allowed per game, sitting at a comical 40.2 points per contest. While Thomson was sidelined last week, the so-called “alley-cat,” yes, “alley-cat” will be back.

Sac State 56, NAU 28


Cameron: Sacramento State lost their biggest game in school history last week against number three Weber State. This is about the worst news NAU could get after they themselves got stomped by Eastern Washington last weekend. Senior quarterback Case Cookus can’t save you now, NAU. Sac State will smash the Jacks and continue to destroy every Big Sky school besides Weber on their way to the playoffs.

Sac State 82, NAU 35


Idaho (4-5) @ (6) Montana (7-2) (-17) @ 1 p.m. on Root Sports

Parker: The Griz win again. They pulled out a 15 point victory on the road so surely they jumped up to number six in the polls, two spots ahead of Sac State, who beat the Griz by 27 points just two weeks ago! I regress, this game is a historic rivalry renewed after the Vandals moved back down to the FCS level. I expect Idaho to come out fired up for this one, and Idaho still has the talent from a roster that was built for the FBS. If Idaho plays to the best of their ability, they could be spoilers, but I will be sadly rooting for the Griz until they make their way to town on Nov. 23. I expect the Griz to pull away in the second half.

UM 45, Idaho 24


Caleb: “The Little Brown Stein,” quite possibly the least prized and most irrelevant rivalry trophy in modern day athletics. A trophy made to brag about winning a game that will have hundreds of people watching. Enough about that, I expect the Griz to come out and continue to handle their business. Idaho has looked rough all season and traveling to Washington Grizzly Stadium makes their chance at winning even more bleak. The Griz will hold on to the “Lil Brownie” for another year.

UM 42, Idaho 23


Cameron: While our neighbors to the west may try to rehype this rivalry, the truth is the “Little Brown Stein” is about as good as a degree from either of these schools. While it is no longer 1985, it is cool that an old rivalry is trying to be reestablished in a time where many more rivalries are being split up than created. Saturday’s game will most likely be a nightmare for the Spuds so I hope they are still soaking in their victory over their other rival Idaho State.

Montana 45, Spuds 14

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