On Wednesday, April 22, Montana’s Governor Steve Bullock announced that Montana would begin the nation’s proposed phased reopening plan and lift the shelter in place order on Sunday, April 26. Montana’s rapid shutdown, which went into effect before its first confirmed case, helped the state … Read more

The nationwide search for a new dean for MSU’s College of Letters and Science (CLS) concluded on Wednesday, April 22, with a candidate chosen who will not have to travel far to make his debut. After navigating his way through a strong pool of applicants and taking part in extensive virtual i… Read more

College graduation is typically one of the most significant memories for a student. As the implications of coronavirus have become increasingly far-reaching, this important celebration has come to an unexpected halt, ending many students’ academic careers in an anticlimactic fashion. On the … Read more

DISCLAIMER: This is a satirical piece. It does not necessarily represent the views of the Exponent or its writers.  Read more

As the COVID-19 pandemic escalates daily, many community-oriented citizens across the nation are looking for ways to serve their vulnerable community members. Bozeman Mutual Aid (BMA) is an organization that aims to flatten the curve of COVID-19 in Bozeman and its surrounding communities, an… Read more

Every 10 years, the U.S. Census Bureau counts people where they live and sleep most of the time to determine the allocation of billions of dollars in government funding and political representation in Congress. If you are a Montana State University student who lives in Bozeman — even if you … Read more

The COVID-19 pandemic has drastically changed the everyday routines of millions of people. As preventive measures such as social distancing and the closure of all nonessential businesses continue to be implemented, individuals are forced to navigate unprecedented obstacles. Students of MSU a… Read more

Students who spent their spring breaks away from MSU, whether it was to travel back home to their cozy beds, embark on a tropical vacation or depart to the massive red rock formations of Moab, were all shocked when the University encouraged students not to return to their on-campus dwellings… Read more

Dear readers,On behalf of the Exponent staff, I would like to inform all of you of how the newspaper will continue during this unprecedented time. After careful consideration and an urge to best follow the guidelines of both MSU and the CDC, the newspaper will continue strictly as online-onl… Read more

A seemingly routine traffic stop escalated into a tense confrontation between MSU University Police Department (UPD) officer Angela Roundtree and Bozeman citizen Krystel Saatjian on January 8, 2020. An investigation was opened and, on February 14, 2020, the MSU police department released a f… Read more

Montana’s 2020 gubernatorial election is already turning heads. Steve Bullock, current governor of Montana, is terming out this year, which leaves the governorship open to new candidates. The Office of the Governor in Montana cycles in four-year terms, each candidate terming out after two te… Read more

Rampant poverty, corrupt governance and high threat of violence are the three major factors affecting the Northern Triangle. Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador are the top three countries contributing to the U.S.’s migrant flow, with Guatemala sitting at first. Read more

Another effort to promote a more sustainable university is underway at MSU. Those who regularly stroll through Romney Oval may have noticed that the area is obstructed by fencing. In the following weeks, a geothermal energy system will be developed that will serve Romney Hall once the buildi… Read more

With five noteworthy judges, seven graduate-level finalists and a full audience, the Norm Asbjornson College of Engineering hosted the sixth annual “Three Minute Thesis” competition in Inspiration Hall this past Thursday, Feb. 27. Contestants were required to condense their 80,000-word thesi… Read more

Instead of the swatches of blue and gold that are known to sweep the stands of the Brick Breeden Fieldhouse, the stands on Thursday, Feb. 27 were garbed in red. In collaboration with the Bobcat Singers, the MSU Bobcat Athletics program coordinated the event, focused on raising awareness for … Read more

With over 20 years of leadership experience and 14 years at the executive level, MSU brought in an impressive candidate as the hunt for a new Chief of University Police continues. The national recruitment for a new chief began in December. After a long day of interviewing, John Vinson faced … Read more

This time of year, early in the Presidential primary season, we see the greatest number of U.S. states holding primary elections and caucuses. The day that the highest quantity of these occur throughout the United States is called Super Tuesday. A traditional day for elections since 1976, th… Read more

Bozeman citizens excitedly gathered in the Crawford Theatre inside the Emerson Center for Arts & Culture on Friday, Feb. 21 to listen to the Democratic candidates campaigning in Montana’s senatorial and gubernatorial races hosted by the Gallatin County Democrats. The debate, moderated by… Read more

Montana’s state legislature has a great history of diversity. Jacob Bachmeier, age 18, became the youngest person to be elected to public or federal office when he was added to the Montana House of Representatives in 2016. Jeannette P. Rankin was the first woman to hold federal office in the… Read more

Sustainability and accessibility were the names of the game for this year’s 32nd annual Bug Buffet hosted by MSU in the SUB ballrooms. The buffet drew in a large crowd, nearing 550 people by the time I arrived, around 1 p.m. People from all around Bozeman showed up to try the bizarre dishes … Read more

“Urban growth can't rely on the fixed and aging infrastructure built in past centuries. [Our Project] ‘Unlocking the Future of Infrastructure’ imagines converging approaches from materials science, robotics, computer science, civil engineering, architectural engineering and mechanical engine… Read more

Challenging, interactive and inspirational were the words expressed by the students, faculty and community members who gathered in Ballroom A in the SUB on Wednesday, Feb. 12 to hear the moving story of Sara Minkara. Minkara is a Lebanese-American Muslim who is an internationally recognized … Read more

The MSU Leadership Institute invited the Bozeman community into the SUB Ballrooms this past Wednesday, Feb. 5 to listen to Zonnie Gorman tell an inspiring story set against the backdrop of World War II.  Gorman is the daughter of Carl Gorman, one of the 29 original Navajo code talkers, known… Read more

MSU’s spring semester kicked off with mathematics professor David Ayala receiving a National Science Foundation CAREER grant for his research in quantum physics. Ayala works in a mathematical field called higher category theory. The intent of his research is to use patterns to address the be… Read more

Predictions are in: Donald Trump and Pete Buttigieg are indicated to be the Republican and Democratic candidates respectively in the upcoming 2020 presidential election. Read more

For mammals as notorious as the black bears and grizzly bears of Yellowstone National Park (YNP) are, and considering they earn the park upwards of $10 million in revenue every year via tourist viewing, they became borderline endangered in the 1970’s. Human involvement with bears was held re… Read more

Saturdays at MSU typically bring football games, skiing at Bridger Bowl or grinding on homework for hours in the Renne Library. For a group of motivated MSU students, this means spending their Saturday morning doing volunteer work at the monthly Service Saturday. Seeing as Service Saturdays … Read more

From the iconic “Iron Man” comics to the “Six Million Dollar Man,” bionics have long been a part of science fiction. For years these types of technologies seemed unattainable, but researchers at the Human Neuromechanics Laboratory at the University of Florida are working towards making prost… Read more

The student team of the American Marketing Association (AMA) at MSU participated in the AMA Case Competition and was named one of 11 finalists that will present its marketing plan to this year’s sponsor, Cotton Incorporated. Presentations will take place Thursday, March 12 in New Orleans at … Read more

A group of passionate individuals gathered in the Procrastinator Theater on Wednesday, Jan. 22 for a special showing of the movie “Footprints: Population, Consumption, and Sustainability.” Co-sponsored by student organizations at MSU such as Thrive on Plants and Students for Choice, the even… Read more

In a few months, MSU will host the 34th annual National Conference on Undergraduate Research (NCUR). The announcement of MSU hosting the conference came three years ago, but is now becoming a reality as NCUR will be taking place on March 26-28, 2020. NCUR is a premier conference devoted to r… Read more

“Giving voice and visibility to all!” was the theme for Bozeman’s fourth annual Women’s March, held on Saturday, Jan. 18. The catchphrase that went along with this theme was, “We’re all in this together,” alluding to the huge array of marchers of varying races, ethnicities, genders, and sexu… Read more

MSU Debut is always a bright spot in cold, dark, Montana winters, and this year’s slate of events is no exception. Read more

The Montana University System Board of Regents is an organization that governs and administers the Montana University System. The Board has full power, authority, and responsibility to supervise and manage the universities and other public educational institutes. The Board consists of seven … Read more

The final design plans for the new American Indian Hall were revealed to the public on Tuesday, Dec. 3 . The new building, being constructed northeast of the SUB, will support the growing population of Native American students enrolled at MSU. Read more

The SUB was the center of legislative action as the Montana Board of Regents and the Education Interim Committee (EDIC) met for a joint session on Thursday, Nov. 21 and Friday, Nov. 22. The Board of Regents is responsible for governing the Montana University System, while the EDIC reviews an… Read more

To be comfortable in an uncomfortable position is a life skill no one can learn without practice. Taking part in the Marine Corps Officer Program while working towards a college degree is one way students at MSU and across the country can learn this life skill. The program endows individuals… Read more

As the Brawl of the Wild approaches Bobcat Stadium, the rivalry between the Cats and Griz is reaching its annual fever pitch and the clash of the two schools is extending its claws far beyond the turf. The Can the Griz food drive pits the two schools against each other to see which one can c… Read more

Last week, thousands of Montana students involved with Future Farmers of America (FFA) gathered on MSU’s campus. From Nov. 14-16, MSU hosted the eighth annual John Deere Agriculture Expo to acquaint young students with the agricultural opportunities provided at MSU. The event brought togethe… Read more

Arguably one of the coolest parts of the Exponent’s history is that editors from the 1915-16 school year tagged our university with the mascot “Bobcats.”  Attempting to break away from the longstanding nicknames the school had been given, including “Farmers” and “Aggies,” the editorial staff… Read more

Church? Free lunch? It’s chunch. Members of Resurrection University Catholic Parish have been serving free lunch to college students for years. Funds are donated by parishioners each year for the ingredients needed for each week’s main course. Volunteers provide salads, desserts, and beverag… Read more

The Americana folk band, CAAMP, put on a show at the Rialto Theater on Main Street last Friday night, Nov. 1. They are currently on tour for their latest album “By and By”, which started on Sept. 21 and runs until Dec. 31, 2019, ending the tour in their hometown of Columbus, Ohio.  Read more

The SUB Rec Center was a hubbub of voices on the eve of Halloween as students filed in to take part in Halloween Trivia Night, hosted by the Office of Student Engagement. The students, some costumed and some not, formed teams of three to five people and submitted their names to the scorekeep… Read more

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