Montana’s largest indigenous gathering, the annual MSU American Indian Council Powwow,  will take place Friday and Saturday, March 29 and 30. The event is open to all at no cost. The traditional observance has a special place in the hearts of all who put the event together as it is dedicated… Read more

On March 7, Professor Anna Kirkland, Ph.D. from the University of Michigan held a lecture titled “Improving Academic Campus Climates and Cultures Around Sexual Harassment” in the Norm Asbjornson Hall. The lecture was geared towards faculty with the intention of raising awareness of situation… Read more

A team of MSU scientists have discovered a diverse microbial community hidden deep in Yellowstone National Park. The microorganisms were found in a high elevation hot springs more than 10 miles into the backcountry. The sapphire blue hot springs pool, named Smoke Jumper 3, or SJ3, sits 8,600… Read more

Montana’s fishing has been reeling in anglers and nature lovers for years. MSU’s mountain of data on aquatic insects and fish gathered over the last 100 years confirms this. Sadly, these valuable specimens and field notes haven’t been the easiest to access, but this will change thanks to the… Read more

Underage drinking: Is it caused by peer pressure? Society? The American culture? Whatever it may be, the greatest influence determining if youth will engage in risky behavior is actually their parents. The Montana Department of Public Health and Human Services saw parents as a more realistic… Read more

In today’s political, social and economic climate, it is more important than ever to be engaged and informed on current affairs. To help MSU students and community members learn more about how to combat relevant issues, MSU is instigating two new courses that will allow engagement and insigh… Read more

On Thursday, Feb. 14, MSU hosted the 31st annual Bug Buffet in the SUB with a diverse selection of edible bugs, created by David George Gordon and Amber Wivholm. The dishes were made with traditional ingredients and different types of bugs, ranging from insects to larvae. They varied from fr… Read more

When studying in Renne Library, walking on Centennial Mall or sitting in a 300-person lecture in Leon Johnson Hall, students can expect to see many unfamiliar faces. They are likely to run into new people on the daily with a campus as populous as MSU’s. This is connected to an unprecedented … Read more

Mark your calendars for this upcoming Sunday, Feb. 24 from 1–5 p.m. as the VOICE center will be hosting its Violence Prevention Workshop in SUB Ballrooms B and C. The VOICE center has been organizing these workshops for the past five years every September and February. “After the Violence Pr… Read more

Tax season is upon us, and the Jake Jabs College of Business and Entrepreneurship and Beta Alpha Psi are sponsoring free tax filing sessions for students beginning Feb. 11. For international students and MSU employees, filing assistance begins Feb. 25. The help sessions are staffed by accoun… Read more

Reducing stress, relaxing and healing might sound like a dream as the semester and snow continue to bury what spare time there once was. Reiki, a Japanese-style energy practice based on the idea of transferring energy through one’s palms, was quite a topic to take a bite out of during the Sa… Read more

For an MSU organization that’s barely a year old, the Black Student Union (BSU) has done quite a bit. Lyla Brown, the president of the club, as well as board members of BSU, recently held the club’s first Martin Luther King, Jr. Day event. Last year, the group attended University of Montana’… Read more

The U.S. government recently ended the longest shutdown in history, and caused mayhem to government employees who live paycheck to paycheck. For 35 days, Washington had been at a standstill and non-essential government employees were left in the dark. All over the country, many government wo… Read more

The Alps, traversed by few and revered by many, holds in its terrain a plethora of feats. With triumph comes incredible stories, one of which was told here at MSU by a happy couple who not only made the long haul through the Alps from Vienna to Nice, but they did it on skis—in 36 days. Read more

For decades, Maire O’Neill Conrad has dedicated herself to her craft and to the historic preservation of agricultural buildings in the Bozeman and the Gallatin Valley area. The volume and impact of the MSU architecture professor’s work have not gone unnoticed, particularly by the Montana His… Read more

MSU has topped the charts yet again as one of the leading American universities in research for 2019. The Indiana University Center for Postsecondary Research placed MSU in the nation’s top three percent in the category of doctoral research, distinguishing MSU in the “very high research acti… Read more

With the beginning of each new semester, MSU hosts a plethora of activities and events for students returning to Bozeman as well as for students entering their first semester of college — the biggest of which is the MSU Debut. This is a collection of events that spans from Jan. 7- 31. Activi… Read more

Cradled in the main hallway of the SUB, the Exit Gallery is currently unveiling its newest exhibit of the year: “Pollinating Crops.” Entrancing upon entering, the walls are decorated and divided by three series, each depicting a delicate story inspired by the life and experiences of Megan Ha… Read more

The Ceramics Guild held their 2018 Fall Chili Bowl sale in the Dean’s Gallery on Nov. 7 and 8. All bowls were hand made by ceramics students and were available to purchase for $20. Although they did not take inventory of how many bowls were made in total, it was assumed that in a guild of 40… Read more

On Nov. 8, ASMSU Senate voted against a resolution that would take the first steps towards allowing students to carry concealed weapons on campus. Even though 12 states around the nation allow individuals with a permit to carry concealed weapons on college campuses, ASMSU Senate had many rea… Read more

One of MSU’s annual traditions, “Can the Griz,” is an event intended to gather food for donation to the local food bank to eliminate hunger. In its 19th year, this is a competition between MSU and the University of Montana (UM), who has dubbed it “Can the Cats” on their campus. This event be… Read more

Human trafficking is defined by the Humble Efforts Actualizing Real Transformation (HEART) Initiative as “the action of recruitment, harboring, transport, provision or obtainment using force, fraud, or coercion for labor or services.” On Wednesday, Oct. 24, the MSU Women’s Center held a Sack… Read more

You may recognize Oscar award-winning actor Jeff Bridges for his work in “Hell or High Water”, “True Grit” or The Big Lebowski”, but on Wednesday, Oct. 17, the actor stopped by MSU to campaign for Senator Jon Tester in the upcoming November election. Read more

October is LGBTQ History Month and last week’s Sack Lunch Seminar dedicated its Oct. 10 talk to the queer community at MSU. On campus, one of the most prevalent sources of support is the Queer-Straight Alliance (QSA), a student organization that provides resources to members of the LGBTQ com… Read more

On Monday, Oct. 22, Conrad Anker will discuss climate change and its effects on recreational outlets at Passion into Purpose, hosted by Protect Our Winters (POW), a non-profit organization working to reverse the effects of global warming. Read more

It’s October which means haunted houses, jack o’ lanterns, and scary stories for all. But there’s a new ghoul on campus, and its name is influenza. That’s right, it’s flu season, and as such you should be prepared to fight off sickness so you can get to class without feeling like a human tra… Read more

Thrive on Plants (TOP), a club with a mission to promote health, sustainability and respect to all lives through a plant-based diet, is focusing on two big projects this year. First, club president Uma Rye Graham is looking to create a positive change in the environment by reducing the ubiqu… Read more

The Black Student Union (BSU) is back after over a decade of inactivity. After several attempts over the years to revive the club, Judith Heilman from the Montana Racial Equity Project, MSU Professor Gilbert Kalonde and Ella Watson, Gallery Director of Haynes Hall, were instrumental in bring… Read more

The Exit Gallery is dedicating its first exhibition of the fall semester to woodworking. Currently, it features the work of artist and curator Sam Gathje, a graduate student of MSU. His exhibit entitled, “Watch One, Do One, Teach One,” offers a look at the simplistic nature of life. Gathje s… Read more

Have you ever taken a tour of the SUB? The first floor houses the rec center and the second floor is where everyone congregates to eat food and do homework. But what about the third floor? Yes, it does exist, and it is home to several underused and underappreciated resources and divisions at… Read more

On Wednesday, April 25, the MSU Faculty Senate voted against the proposed Charles Koch Foundation-funded economic research center. The vote was nearly split, with 12 voting for and 13 voting against the research center. There was much debate surrounding the decision, as the acceptance would … Read more

On Friday, April 27, The Downtown Bozeman Association, First Interstate Bank, MSU Athletics, MSU Alumni Foundation, MSU and ASMSU will be hosting the 10th annual Bobcat Fest on Main Street in downtown Bozeman. Students and community members are invited to come enjoy complimentary hamburgers … Read more

To prepare for the 2018 Graduation Ceremonies, the MSU Facilities Services and Campus Planning along with the Design and Construction departments are hosting their 11th annual Campus Cleanup Event. Taking place on Thursday, April 26, participants are invited to join other students and commun… Read more

Last Friday, April 20, SNow (Sustainability Now) put on their third annual Sustainabilibash on the mall outside of Montana Hall. The event celebrated Earth Day, which took place Sunday, April 22, as well as sustainability, outdoor recreation, groups and clubs that celebrate these same ideals… Read more

MSU Professor of Photography Ian Van Coller was awarded a fellowship with the John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation this April. This prestigious award is used to assist the development of scholars and artists through grant funding and name recognition to help them engage in research. Onl… Read more

 President Waded Cruzado surprised MSU students Connor Hoffmann and Haley Cox in class with some exciting news and flowers on Tuesday, April 10. The good news? Both students had received the Truman Scholarship on the basis of exceptional leadership and public service. Read more

Who is a refugee? The Exit Gallery recently displayed an interpretive answer to this titular question. The Exit Gallery, located in the SUB, is part of ASMSU and the OSE’s Arts and Exhibits program. Throughout the year, this program presents the work of MSU students, alumni, faculty, departm… Read more

Taylor Blossom and Lizzy Thompson expressed feelings of excitement and optimism following their presidential and vice presidential victories on Wednesday, April 11. Read more

Thomas McGrath, candidate for ASMSU senator-at-large, was disqualified by a Judicial Council ruling made at 5:30 p.m. on election night, April 11. It was a 4-1 vote, with the lone dissenting vote being made by Chief Justice Hannah Good. While McGrath was in the top five candidates with 954 v… Read more

Out of 1,280 applicants nationwide, Cara Robertus of Bozeman, majoring in chemical and biological engineering, and Ryan Mason of Missoula, majoring in chemical engineering, were awarded the Goldwater Scholarship. This is the nation’s top scholarship for undergraduate students majoring in the… Read more

Learning about a new culture can be a daunting task. There are history and customs to learn about, new stories to hear and sometimes a new language to pick up. The Fork & Spoon Homestyle Kitchen simplified that process by inviting the Bozeman community to celebrate and learn about the Co… Read more

The American Indian Council hosted the 43rd annual American Indian Pow Wow in the Brick Breeden Fieldhouse March 30 and 31. A Pow Wow is a social gathering to celebrate Native American culture through dancing and singing. This Pow Wow featured three Grand Entries, or parades of dancers, with… Read more

As the snow begins to melt, students are spending more time outside and giving special thought to their summer plans. MSU’s Engineers Without Borders (EWB) are taking advantage of the great weather and hosting one of their biggest fundraisers — their annual Bozeman Without Borders 5K. Emma A… Read more

Recently, the College Republicans at Montana State University hosted a debate between the four senatorial candidates vying for the Republican nomination: Dr. Al Olszewski, Matt Rosendale, Troy Down and Russ Fagg. They, as well as democratic candidates Sarah Dean and Greg Strandberg are runni… Read more

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