Every season in Bozeman offers a variety of outdoor activities. However, some would argue winter is the best time of the year. With mountains to the north and south that receive an abundance of annual snowfall, Bozeman has been recognized as one of the best ski towns in the U.S. multiple yea… Read more

While the Cats may have lost on the field in the annual Brawl of the Wild on Saturday, Nov. 20, the MSU and Gallatin Valley community came together to win the annual Can the Griz fundraiser. The off-field rivalry bands the University of Montana (UM) and MSU communities together each year for… Read more

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Footsteps and a murmur of conversation echoed through the classrooms and hallways of the repurposed Romney Hall on the afternoon of Friday, Nov. 12, as speakers and community members made their way to the new Cruzado Auditorium on the third floor of the building for its Grand Opening.  Read more

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Exuberant nurses sporting bright red T-shirts greeted students three at a time in a small office inside the University of Montana pharmacy school Nov. 5. While feel-good pop relics of the 2000s provided background sound, people lay back in leather chairs squeezing stress balls as Red Cross v… Read more

This year the Cat-Griz battle has high stakes on and off the field. There will be great plays, heavy competition, rowdy fans, blood and food? In honor of the great rivalry, MSU and the University of Montana are hosting food and blood drives. Each school will be competing to collect the large… Read more

Fourteen seconds remained on the game clock. The Cats had come back from a 22-point deficit and were now clinging to a four-point lead. Lining up across from the MSU defense was the Grizzlies, the longtime rivals of the Bobcats. There was nothing standing between the Cats and defeat except a… Read more

The ASMSU Senate unanimously approved a resolution on Thursday, Nov. 4, encouraging MSU to direct student funding to create an Off-Campus Life Office in the SUB. The goal of this office would be to help students find stable housing possibilities and provide centralized access to other resources. Read more

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The annual Brawl of the Wild is upon us, which means the rivalry banter between the University of Montana (UM) and MSU is reaching a fever pitch. The Bobcat and Grizzly football teams will clash at Washington-Grizzly Stadium on Saturday, Nov. 20, from two sides of the Continental Divide, but… Read more

On Thursday, Oct. 28, and Friday, Oct. 29, MSU hosted the Dyslexia Innovation (DXI) Symposium. The online event focused on the strengths of the dyslexic mind. The event welcomed 20 nationally known speakers, group panel discussions and workshop sessions. The recognizable speakers included pu… Read more

Voting is a fundamental right that is very important to democracy. One of its more important aspects is the district maps drawn by officials. Elections for the U.S. House of Representatives occur every two years and are heavily influenced by how these maps are drawn. This means that the Mont… Read more

Final votes in the races for Bozeman and Belgrade municipal government seats were cast on Tuesday, Nov. 2, and several ballot measures were answered as well. In Bozeman, candidates competed for the mayor position and multiple seats on the city commission in addition to a municipal court judg… Read more

Zombies, mummies and monsters running through the streets around campus may seem frightening to wake up to on the Saturday before Halloween. However, it has become an annual event in Bozeman for the last seven years. The biggest thing separating this host of monsters from the one you see in … Read more

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Are you looking for spooky stories to share on this spooky day? Look no further. Check out this video to explore Bozeman's haunted history, from the hallways of the Hotel Baxter to the ballrooms of the SUB.  Read more

On Thursday, Oct. 21, ASMSU voted unanimously to pass resolution 2021-R-13, titled ASMSU Visibility and Student Involvement in Legislation. This resolution aims to make in-progress legislation more public and increase opportunities for students to provide input. It requires that all in-progr… Read more

The virtual event “Domestic Violence and Firearms: A Public Health Crisis” on Tuesday, Oct. 19, brought together MSU and the Gallatin Valley community to discuss the intersecting public health crises of domestic violence and firearms as well as other health and societal factors. These health… Read more

There have been a number of days this summer and fall where the sun has been a dark crimson hue despite being relatively high above the horizon. The smell of smoke permeating the air on such days makes the solution to this puzzle easy to cobble together. These were the signs of raging wildfi… Read more

The ski film industry is booming with an abundance of premiers from Bozeman based ski crews. These production teams, such as The Montana Bandits and Entourage, showcased their newest films around town for locals to enjoy. The Montana Banditskicked off the film premiere season with their debu… Read more

Saturday, Oct. 16, marked a dream come true for MSU, a long-awaited one at that. At noon, the doors to the American Indian Hall finally opened, and the public got to see the culmination of a process that lasted more than a decade. Read more

As the sun reaches the crest of Peets Hill, beginning its final stage of descent toward the horizon, seven teepees topping the hill were illuminated, bathing the grassy slope in a vibrant array of colors. This was the scene that awaited those who made the trek up Peets Hill during the days s… Read more

There are many at the Gallatin Valley Land Trust (GVLT) who would argue the center of Bozeman actually lies in a quiet corner southeast of town. The heart, the very essence of a city, may not be Main Street or the MSU campus but Peets Hill. Peets Hill is a popular public park just over 40 ac… Read more

On Wednesday, Sept. 22, the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) announced $12 million in funding for seven research projects to enhance geothermal energy systems. MSU received $1.5 million of this grant to analyze thermally induced calcite precipitation as a method to control hydraulic propertie… Read more

Although their duties may seem to hide behind the scenes, several administrators play a crucial role in keeping the university running smoothly. One of these administrators is Bob Mokwa, Ph.D., MSU’s provost and executive vice president for academic affairs. This position is the second-highe… Read more

MSU was chosen as the recipient of a $3 million grant from the National Science Foundation (NSF) that will allow doctoral students in science and engineering to further their education in exciting and innovative ways. Brent Peyton, the university’s director of the Thermal Biology Institute, … Read more

As Halloween approaches, a number of events will be taking place to provide scares for the season and teach the community a little about the history of Bozeman and the surrounding area in the process. While haunted houses have been popular in Bozeman for a while, some of the local museums an… Read more

Over Labor Day weekend, earlier this month, anglers reported seeing several deceased mountain whitefish on the Upper Yellowstone River. Over the eight mile stretch from Grey Owl to Mallard’s Rest fishing access sites, located right outside of Livingston, Montana, just over 70 dead whitefish … Read more

Since COVID-19 began to spread around the world, nearly five million people have died, a quarter of a billion have been infected and it feels as though civilization itself has come to a screeching halt. Healthcare professionals have been rightly hailed as heroes, as they have worked tireless… Read more

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Although few students know what the term “land grant university” means, it plays a role in every part of MSU from its founding to the way the school is funded. While there are many land grant universities across the U.S., the way MSU interacts with the community is unique.  Read more

MSU and the University of Montana (UM) have collectively been working towards improving the health of Montanans by preparing students to aid people with mental health care needs. The two universities recently received a $1.9 million grant from the U.S. Health Resources and Services Administr… Read more

It would be an understatement to say that the MSU and University of Montana (UM) rivalry is one of the most heated feuds in Montana. It is this very tension that makes the recent purchase of The M Store in Missoula by the MSU Bookstore all the more surprising.  Read more

MSU is collaborating with the University of Arkansas (UA) to establish the MonArk Quantum Foundry with a grant of $20 million from the National Science Foundation (NSF). The two universities are working toward expediting the development of quantum materials and devices. Their work will devel… Read more

On-campus residents and commuters alike often find themselves taking advantage of the many dining options MSU has to offer. Regardless of where one chooses to eat, MSU’s Culinary Services puts tremendous effort into making the dining halls, including Miller and Rendezvous, and the shops in t… Read more

The Bozeman Running Company’s Marathon weekend attracted both avid and casual runners from every corner of the nation in what promised to be an exciting two-day event running from Saturday, Sept. 11, to Sunday, Sept. 12. For those who wanted to participate but found themselves daunted by the… Read more

Maurice Hilleman, Ph.D. is one of the world’s most respected scientists for his work in vaccine development, which has saved millions of lives. Hilleman graduated first in his class from MSU in 1941 with a dual degree in chemistry and microbiology. In recognition of his success, MSU establis… Read more

Although COVID-19 may seem like old news, there is currently an alarming rate of cases and hospitalizations throughout Montana. The Gallatin City-Council Health Department announced during its press conference on Friday, Sept. 3, that Montana had 6,086 active cases of SARS-CoV-2 —the number … Read more

While the return to MSU this semester was near normal for many, Residence Life (ResLife) continuously adapted to changing policies and local case spikes of COVID-19. From Saturday, Aug. 21 - Tuesday, Aug. 24, thousands of first-time and returning students participated in this year’s “Move-In… Read more

For those who dread driving around the busy streets of Bozeman, fret no longer. Streamline Bus Services recently revamped its offerings to accommodate the growing community. Transportation was one of three major priority areas in the city’s equity analysis revealed last month, along with hou… Read more

As students make their way back to Bozeman and summer comes to an end, the town is bustling with new and returning Bobcats. The university is in the process of hosting its annual series of events known as MSU Debut to welcome all students back to campus. MSU Debut features around 50 differen… Read more

Bozeman city commissioners appointed Christopher Coburn to fill the vacant seat on the commission on Tuesday, April 6. Coburn is much younger than his colleagues and is the first Black and openly gay person to sit on the Bozeman City Commission.  Read more

As temperatures rise and summer nears, Yellowstone National Park is preparing for its summer spike in guests with the phased reopening of roads, which began on Friday, April 16. There are five entrances to the park—the North Entrance in Gardiner, which is open year-round for Cooke City acces… Read more

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