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In a few months, MSU will host the 34th annual National Conference on Undergraduate Research (NCUR). The announcement of MSU hosting the conference came three years ago, but is now becoming a reality as NCUR will be taking place on March 26-28, 2020. NCUR is a premier conference devoted to r… Read more

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“Giving voice and visibility to all!” was the theme for Bozeman’s fourth annual Women’s March, held on Saturday, Jan. 18. The catchphrase that went along with this theme was, “We’re all in this together,” alluding to the huge array of marchers of varying races, ethnicities, genders, and sexu… Read more

MSU Debut is always a bright spot in cold, dark, Montana winters, and this year’s slate of events is no exception. Read more

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The Montana University System Board of Regents is an organization that governs and administers the Montana University System. The Board has full power, authority, and responsibility to supervise and manage the universities and other public educational institutes. The Board consists of seven … Read more

The final design plans for the new American Indian Hall were revealed to the public on Tuesday, Dec. 3 . The new building, being constructed northeast of the SUB, will support the growing population of Native American students enrolled at MSU. Read more

The SUB was the center of legislative action as the Montana Board of Regents and the Education Interim Committee (EDIC) met for a joint session on Thursday, Nov. 21 and Friday, Nov. 22. The Board of Regents is responsible for governing the Montana University System, while the EDIC reviews an… Read more

To be comfortable in an uncomfortable position is a life skill no one can learn without practice. Taking part in the Marine Corps Officer Program while working towards a college degree is one way students at MSU and across the country can learn this life skill. The program endows individuals… Read more

As the Brawl of the Wild approaches Bobcat Stadium, the rivalry between the Cats and Griz is reaching its annual fever pitch and the clash of the two schools is extending its claws far beyond the turf. The Can the Griz food drive pits the two schools against each other to see which one can c… Read more

Last week, thousands of Montana students involved with Future Farmers of America (FFA) gathered on MSU’s campus. From Nov. 14-16, MSU hosted the eighth annual John Deere Agriculture Expo to acquaint young students with the agricultural opportunities provided at MSU. The event brought togethe… Read more

Arguably one of the coolest parts of the Exponent’s history is that editors from the 1915-16 school year tagged our university with the mascot “Bobcats.”  Attempting to break away from the longstanding nicknames the school had been given, including “Farmers” and “Aggies,” the editorial staff… Read more

Church? Free lunch? It’s chunch. Members of Resurrection University Catholic Parish have been serving free lunch to college students for years. Funds are donated by parishioners each year for the ingredients needed for each week’s main course. Volunteers provide salads, desserts, and beverag… Read more

The Americana folk band, CAAMP, put on a show at the Rialto Theater on Main Street last Friday night, Nov. 1. They are currently on tour for their latest album “By and By”, which started on Sept. 21 and runs until Dec. 31, 2019, ending the tour in their hometown of Columbus, Ohio.  Read more

The SUB Rec Center was a hubbub of voices on the eve of Halloween as students filed in to take part in Halloween Trivia Night, hosted by the Office of Student Engagement. The students, some costumed and some not, formed teams of three to five people and submitted their names to the scorekeep… Read more

Do you want to take your education to the next level? For all juniors and seniors considering the possibility of post-undergraduate education, the MSU Graduate School is hosting an event to learn more about opportunities for the future. The event will outline what to expect from graduate sch… Read more

This past weekend, some buddies and I caravaned to the Bozeman Hay Bale Maze for an evening of fall festivities in preparation for Halloween. From the road, the maze looked quite daunting, and we were by no means disappointed. Upon paying for our tickets, we entered the maze and were faced w… Read more

Two MSU alumni will be inducted into the Montana Professional Engineers Hall of Fame this year. The two recipients, Albert Kersich and John Morrison Jr. have been awarded honorary doctorates from MSU in 1993 and 1997, respectively. The award is given annually by the Montana Society of Engine… Read more

Upon walking into the ballroom-turned-movie-theater, I was greeted by a crowd I warmly associate with the Bozeman ski bum community. A rainbow of beanies (ears exposed, of course), handfuls of flat brim Carhartt hats, dudes with hair longer than mine, girls with shredded and patched jeans, t… Read more

T-shirts are a common item of clothing worn every day. Some carry meaning important to students while others are chosen just for comfort. In the past few weeks, the VOICE Center has utilized T-shirts to create a message board for empowering victims of interpersonal violence with the Clothesl… Read more

Big policy changes are happening at MSU. One of these is MSU’s stance on consensual relationships between faculty and students. This policy is stated in a paragraph at the bottom of MSU’s non-discrimination policy and has recently garnered attention. In SUB Ballroom A on Wednesday, Oct. 9, t… Read more

It’s a good day for bouldering boys and babes. MSU’s beloved bouldering wall has reopened in the Marga Hosaeus Fitness Center. The MSU climbing gym is a great place to learn about climbing, practice your bouldering skills, meet new people, reduce stress and have fun. The staff of our cherish… Read more

MSU reached the fundraising goal for a new addition to the football stadium. The Bobcat Athletics Complex (BAC) will be constructed on the north end of Bobcat Stadium and will be the new home for the MSU football program. The 40,000-square-foot space will house locker rooms, training spaces,… Read more

As many students recall, a large portion of the roof of the Marga Hosaeus Fitness Center collapsed this past spring due to excessive snow build-up. All of the public court space within the fitness center was lost to damage, and the entire fitness center shut down for the rest of the academic year.  Read more

A cacophony of conversation filled the ballrooms of the SUB on Sept. 25 as the Office of Student Engagement, along with the Office of International Programs, put on the annual Involvement and Study Abroad Fair. The event consisted of a myriad of informational booths displaying information ab… Read more

Romney Hall, centrally located on MSU’s campus, has long held the reputation of being the school’s original gymnasium. Recently undergoing $32 million worth of renovations, the 97-year-old building will be transformed into a modern academic facility with 19 classrooms to seat upwards of 1,00… Read more

Would you like to show your partner or special someone new moves on the dance floor? MSU SwingCats club is hosting the annual Swing+ dance workshop on Friday, Oct. 4 through Sunday, Oct. 6. The three-day swing dance crash course, focusing on the Lindy Hop style of dancing, will consist of ei… Read more

In the library, one often hears business and engineering students complaining that there is no room in their program-designated building for them to do their work. With their spacious study rooms, a large quantity of windows, and wildly comfortable chairs, both Jake Jabs Hall and Norm Asbjor… Read more

In the past week, bulletin boards across campus have seen the addition of copious amounts of small green flyers advertising an opportunity for students to volunteer abroad. The Growth International Volunteer Excursions (GIVE) organization is behind these flyers. This organization is dedicate… Read more

Every college student can agree that this is one of the most difficult periods in life. Between homework, achieving good grades, balancing relationships, plus jobs and extracurriculars, life gets stressful. All this stress can negatively impact your mental health. While suicide is an issue t… Read more

Undergraduate research expert Jenny Olin Shanahan will be hosting a lecture at MSU on Saturday, Sept. 14. The lecture titled “Transforming Your Future through Undergraduate Research”, will focus on the scope and importance of undergraduate research. Shanahan’s lecture connects to the Year of… Read more

Calling all Bobcat fans: There is a new way to celebrate Montana State football any day, any week, any month of the year. MSU and Harrington Pepsi Company recently announced the release of Gold Rush Huckleberry Lemonade. “This new beverage combines two great Montana traditions: the Bobcat Go… Read more

MSU graduate and vaccinologist, Maurice Hilleman celebrates his 100th birthday as of one of Montana State University’s most notable alumni. The Hilleman Scholars Program will also be celebrating four years of providing student scholarships. The program will be sustained for future years than… Read more

Tara Westover, bestselling author of the autobiography, “Educated,” was this year's Freshman Convocation speaker. Her story is one of perseverance — escaping the clutches of a family who kept her from receiving public education and finding a way to educate herself. She attended Brigham Young… Read more

Following last year’s success, the annual Bozeman Monologues returned this year to provide laughs as well as community support. Hosted at the Emerson Center for Arts and Culture on Wednesday, April 17, this community event brought together people from all stripes and allowed them the space t… Read more

Students from the MSU Chapter of the American Marketing Association (AMA) claimed the podium in five events, as well as finished in the top 20 out of 388 international chapters at the annual AMA International Collegiate Conference held April 11-13 in New Orleans. The 15 students from Montana… Read more

Peter Fox, the Exponent’s professional advisor, is stepping down after eight years. His guidance and dedication to this newspaper for close to a decade has helped to increase visibility and strengthen editorial standards beyond a normal college newspaper. Fox advised the Exponent staff conce… Read more

I am excited to announce that I have been selected as the Exponent’s Editor-in-Chief for the 2019-20 academic year. I began working for the Exponent as a sports writer in the fall of 2017 on a whim. I had always enjoyed following MSU athletics, and was urged by current Editor-in-Chief Julia … Read more

MSU’s Queer Straight Alliance (QSA) is holding up past traditions with the celebration of Gay Blue Jeans Day, a unique day celebrating coming out by wearing blue jeans. QSA is one of the oldest clubs on campus — early in its inception, the club started out holding secret meetings. Read more

Coming to campus at the end of this semester is the first ever Residence Hall Rollover Program. This student-designed and student-implemented program allows students to donate their used microwaves, mini fridges and other college appliances for the incoming freshman. The appliances will be s… Read more

Many are familiar with the delicious, but terribly crumbly, gluten-free granola served in the dining halls. But, what most don’t know, is that some students are on Mission: Brittle Impossible. Last week, in the Hannon Hall Culinary Art classroom, volunteers gathered to take part in a gluten-… Read more


Taylor Blossom, alongside running-mate Sophia Elias, has been reelected as ASMSU president after securing 1,092 votes. Blossom and Elias beat out opposition Courtney Stutheit and Justin Johnson, who earned 616 votes. There were 1,887 total votes cast this election, only 12 percent of the MSU… Read more

Five teams of MSU students attended a statewide entrepreneurship and startup competition in Missoula on March 8. The 30th Annual John Ruffatto Startup Challenge was held at the University of Montana (UM) and was open to Montana public university students with creative plans for business star… Read more

After last year’s success, MSU’s Diversity Symposium returned this year to showcase people from minority and marginalized groups. According to MSU, the Symposium is made to “create a space and time that recognizes, validates and appreciates all the services, research and knowledge offered at… Read more

MSU has introduced a never-before-seen concept for athletic activity. Dubbed “The Open Sky Fitness Center,” the newest addition to the Marga Hosaeus Fitness Center (MHFC) has been nothing short of a smash. Once university officials discovered MSU students were growing tired of exercising and… Read more

With the ASMSU elections approaching and the Diversity Symposium on March 27 shining light on all the various clubs and identities MSU represents, there was one group of people glaringly missing: vegans. From all the food that is available on campus, vegan options are noticeably underreprese… Read more

Early Thursday, March 7, many woke up to the unfortunate news that the roof of the South Gym in the Marga Hosaeus Fitness Center had collapsed overnight. The Bozeman Fire Department was first to the scene, responding to a call at 2:20 a.m. Read more

Montana’s largest indigenous gathering, the annual MSU American Indian Council Powwow,  will take place Friday and Saturday, March 29 and 30. The event is open to all at no cost. The traditional observance has a special place in the hearts of all who put the event together as it is dedicated… Read more

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