Let’s be real, dear readers. You’ve probably got access to no less than 4.3 zillion guides for things to do in Montana over the summer through some simple internet sleuthing. Many of those guides claim to list the top 10, best 15 or even 57 cool things to do in Montana (beware, friends, ther…

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The Exponent has removed a story that previously appeared here about a local residential matter to investigate further the allegations contained in the story.

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Editor’s Note: Descriptions of terrain using the word “backcountry” in this story have been corrected to use the word “ridge.” Bridger Bowl’s ridge terrain differs from backcountry terrain because it is patrolled and within the ski area boundary. Backcountry terrain is out of bounds and not …

In a town that’s getting ever more expensive to live in, everyone is looking for the magic way to save a buck. Strolling down Main Street can feel overwhelming with every outdoors store displaying brand new items for hundreds of dollars — but the real magic lies off the beaten path. 

Countless Bozemanites congregated on the Jake Jabs Lawn this past Saturday evening as the second annual MSU Rail Jam took over campus. With over 40 competitors across four different categories, including women’s and men’s ski and snowboard, the event lived up to the hype. 

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