Despite having only opened at the start of the year, El Camino has quickly become an integral part of Bozeman’s unique nightlife. Through its Main Street doors awaits a welcoming retro wonderland, transporting revelers back to decades past. It’s a place that is not afraid to be unabashedly hipster, and it does so without falling into the trap of trying too hard. The walls are adorned with vintage neon signs and movie and music posters. One can find old school arcade games and multiple shuffleboard tables, as well as ample space to sit back and relax with any of the vast arrays of drinks they offer. Head down on Wednesday’s for the best deals including half-price pitchers of beer that can ring in as low as $5. 

Every night El Camino offers something new. From great drink deals, to live music DJs, and karaoke, the younger and less established sibling of Main Street’s Rocking R Bar and Bar IX, offers a welcome respite from the packed and sweaty atmospheres of the typical downtown staples. That is not to say that El Camino is dull and quiet. If you just want to chill out with some mates and drink some beers, listen to good music, and avoid swinging treacherously from small ledges on the wall (Bar IX, we’re looking at you), El Camino is the place to be. If you catch it on a busy night, you can always duck down into the Kitty Warren directly below. The elusive cocktail bar gives off great speakeasy vibes and is a perfect way to get the night going before heading back upstairs. 

Cheap drinks, great atmosphere, retro décor (particularly the screens playing classics like “One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest” and “Pulp Fiction”) and good tunes make El Camino my favorite bar in Bozeman.

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