DISCLAIMER: This is a satirical piece. It does not necessarily represent the views of the Exponent or its writers and should not be construed as truth.

A little-known gem that comes out of our very own Bozeman, Montana is the “missed connections” section of the Bozeman Craigslist page, found under the “community” tab. Here, lonely Bozeman residents post about lost dreams and could-be-love-affairs as opposed to going up to the people they find attractive in real life and striking up a conversation. Posts range from “I was your cashier at Wanda’s - you had blonde hair and ordered an 8 piece chicken nugget. I’d love to take you on a drive,” to recollections as broad as “I saw you in your van outside Sprire. You had a towel so I’m assuming you were there for a shower. I love your lifestyle and would be down to bake you a lemon loaf.” (I’m not joking, this was an actual post). 

One would think that true love could never be found in such a manner, but believe it or not, our very own Sticks and Rocks section editor, Jaxson Bishop, found out recently that someone had noticed him in the Tar-jay parking lot rocking his knock-off Birkenstocks and loose dad jeans and was over-the-moon for him. The lass posted a search on “missed connections” seeking “hot dad-denim adorned man who had just purchased a fake plant, a box of Swifterr wet pads and cat food from Tar-jay and hopped in a pea-green Subaru”. Jaxson’s good friend Lid-e-a France (like the country) found the post and knew it had to be Jaxson. The two have arranged a soirée to meet up for a Six Men cheeseburger and another trip to Tar-jay in the near future. Stay tuned as this breaking story of legitimate love being found through “missed connections” develops.